Join Haringey Shed’s 100 Challenge Club

The 100 Challenge Club is a chance for you to challenge yourself, make that dream a reality and to raise funds for charity in the process.

Haringey Shed is looking for 100 challenges over the year to help raise much needed support for inclusive theatre and performing arts activities for young people.

The 100 Challenge Club is open to everyone to join: all ages and most importantly all abilities.

Challenges can be physical, creative, artistic, musical, sporty, personal lifestyle goal or just plain silly……the possibilities are endless!

Some examples might be:

·        Make a lifestyle change – give up smoking, chocolate, booze..

·        Write a book, a blog, a play….

·        Learn to play a musical instrument, a foreign language, to sign….

·        A 24 hour dance-athon, exercise-athon, rehearsal-athon….

·        Run a marathon, climb the 3 peaks, swim the Channel….

The challenges can be as diverse as your imagination allows – whatever stretches you to new boundaries and possibilities. Challenges can be either an individual one or a group one with friends, colleagues, families, teams.

Everyone has a challenge within them………so what’s yours?

Here are the next steps to taking part in The Haringey Shed’s 100 Challenge

Step 1:  Decide that you want to join the 100 Club – JOB DONE!

Step 2: Decide what your challenge/s might be

Step 3:  Email to sign up

Step 4:  Set up your JustGiving page here

Step 5:  Tell your friends and family of your challenge

Step 6:  Prepare for your challenge

Step 7:  Start your challenge

Step 8:  Keep everyone updated on your progress

Step 9:  Encourage your friends, family, colleagues to get involved in The 100 Club Challenge

Step 10:  Raise £1,000 or more then…….Start a new challenge

If you would like to take part in the 100 Challenge or just keep up with the event please call us on 020 8801 7209 or e-mail

02082438743020 8243 8743

Haringey Shed
Haringey Irish Centre
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