Online Code of Conduct Agreement

We give the session our full attention, sitting up and being present, not moving around to different spaces.

We keep our audio on mute unless we are taking part in an activity and have been asked to unmute.

We only use the chat box for questions/comments related to the session we are in.

We only call ourselves by our first names on Zoom.

We treat everyone with the same respect as we would if we were at Haringey Shed in person.

We don’t talk over people and we listen to everyone.

If something upsets you or is bothering you, then please inform any of the Shed staff so that you can be helped in the best possible way.

We make sure we are in a suitable room where we won’t have other people in the background that don’t want to take part in the session.

We don’t use our phones during the session for anything other than the Zoom session we are in. So no photographs, videos or recordings of the session should be taken. Just like we are all in the session in person.

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