Due to the prevalence of COVID-19 and under guidance from the UK Government, Haringey Shed are no longer delivering in-person classes.
During this period we want to be able to work digitally to connect, create work and support our families and members. To do this we will need to use online and digital platforms. When using these platforms it is important that you protect yourselves and your families and follow our online code of conduct.
Our main digital way of communicating and working with our members will be the online platform Zoom which is an online live video conferencing service. We may however also use other methods of digital engagement including uploading videos/ pictures to our website or other social media platforms.
If you register for/attend one of our online workshops or activities please make sure you follow this online code of conduct at all times. Parents of younger members please can you ensure that they understand and follow the rules outlined on the following pages

In order to take part in these online lessons, we ask the following:
1. Your young person should seek permission to take part in each online activity provided by Haringey Shed.
2. All online sessions or activities will be moderated. This means that in addition to the Workshop/Group Leader there will always be a Haringey Shed staff member taking part in each session and monitoring the content and activities.
3. For activities with movement you are able to provide a reasonable flat floor space for the young person’s use. Where no furniture, slip and/or trip hazards can be found.
4. The young person should wear appropriate clothing and footwear for online classes.
5. You fully understand that as Haringey Shed are not providing these services in person, we are unable to provide any direct first aid, but we will remain in adherence to our Safeguarding policies at all time.
6. Refer to the Workshop leader if you are worried or upset about something and they will deal with this as they would in a normal session. If you don’t feel you can chat in the session you can always contact our main Shed staff and chat with them about the issue (contact details for these are at the bottom of this document)
7. Keep yourself safe. Don’t share anything you don’t want to or anything that feels too personal, complicated or sad.
8. You understand that Haringey Shed are in no way affiliated with the video conferencing software, and are not responsible for any changes, data loss or software/hardware malfunction as a result of using the equipment. You also agree to their separate terms of use.
9. You will not hold Haringey Shed responsible for any injury sustained as part of these classes and will monitor your child for signs of sickness, tiredness, injury or illness or other incapacitations, which may prevent them from taking part.
10. Unless otherwise notified, Haringey Shed will assume that all information and permission granted on your child’s membership form will remain the same for our online activities, including all photo/video/audio/social media consent
11. Activities may be recorded and used for research purposes for Haringey Shed and may be shared with other partners for research purposes.
12. Anyone taking part in the online activities is not permitted to video/photograph/record or use any form of social media to display the activity. The only party allowed to do this is Haringey Shed.
13. Please ensure that it is only Haringey Shed members on screen or on audio during the activity, so that young people without consent are protected.
14. Please do not share the link so that others can enter the activity.

If you or your child are worried or concerned about anything online or need to discuss anything of a personal nature please contact the Haringey Shed Team and we will listen and find the right support or course of action for you.
Whilst our office is closed you can contact our Haringey Shed staff on the following number:
07850 617 169

If we are unable to answer your call please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as we possibly can.
You can also e-mail us at info@haringeyshed.org and we will get back to you asap.

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